How to Prevent Tooth Decay

For many people, the best thing to do for themselves is to prevent tooth decay. Now, cleaning our teeth and getting rid of the plaque that you have every single day is actually a great thing to start with, but there is way more to this than you’d expect. There are many parts to this, and while some tooth decay might be caused by how you’re brushing, if you’re doing that right and your Eugene dentist is saying that you still have some tooth decay, there are a few things that you might be doing wrong. It’s important to realize this, and that’s where this article comes in.

The best way to prevent tooth decay is to do the following: watch your diet, reduce stress, have great oral hygiene, avoid anything that increases toxins, avoid anything that will reduce your immune function, including fillings and fluoride, and also making sure that you’re mindful of preventing it than dealing with the consequences. It’s definitely important to see your Eugene dentist if you do have anything that needs to be fixed, including any sorts of cavities and such, since it’s much easier to fill a hole than to have a tooth be completely destroyed, that’s for sure.

Now there are a few things that might be causing tooth decay inside of you, so it’s very important that you consider this as well. A poor diet, with tons of sugar being consumed and a lack of minerals can often cause this. If you’re missing out on some key micronutrients as well, such as copper, manganese, and iron, you might be suffering from tooth decay as well. Anything that contains toxins such as maybe anything with heavy sugars and various chemicals can often create tooth decay in a person. Stress is another heavy hitter of this, for when you’re stressed, your immune system tends to shut down, and often, this is one that you need to make sure is not a problem for you. Inflammation is another, especially if you’re eating a lot of foods that tend to cause problems like this. If you’re already suffering from inflammation, it’s best if you go see someone about this so that they can help you.

Now, it also is attributed to how you take care of your body overall. Lack of exercise doesn’t get the blood pumping, and often, this can lower the immune response, allowing you to become more susceptible to invaders. Along with this, ties in poor circulation. If your circulation is bad due to a lack of general exercise and movement, this is very apparent in the health of your teeth. Finally, along with all of this, bad dental hygiene is one of the key culprits of this, and it’s very important that if you don’t have any of the other problems, you certainly take the time to look at your own personal dental hygiene and rectify it as well.

Now, dental decay is a symptom of various disease and imbalances that are present within the body. While bacteria are present when tooth decay is going on, they aren’t the cause of it, often attributed to your own personal sorts of actions.

Now, in order to prevent this, you should consider everything that might be going on when you’re suffering from tooth decay. Simply take the time to look at your life, and start to make the changes that you need to make to it. For example, if you’re eating a ton of bad foods, especially ones that are riddled with sugars and even gluten, you will want to take the time to start to change this, for it can cause more problems later on. Often, having a more holistic approach to your overall diet and lifestyle choices can change the way your life is, and it can really help you as well.


This is what causes tooth decay, and it’s what you should be keeping in mind. Do have this at the forefront when you’re looking into why you might be suffering from tooth decay, and from there, you can take the time to ensure that your overall oral health gets better as you go along.


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